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  is the first Spanish online serial. It has been originally created and designed for online viewing and it is a full free access product.

The serial has 7 episodes, as many as its main characters, and tells us about the crazy lives of a group of lesbian students, a dummy, and a teddy cat. The story takes place in two flats located in the same building, one just above the other, where the girls move back and forth according to the swinging of their relationships. All this dressed up with the best sauce: an epic love of Juliet and Juliet style.

This project came up from an intuitive market research. The creators believe that there exists a largely overlooked type of audience, eager for this kind of media products which are almost inexistent in Spain. Being aware of the boom in online audiovisual products and their self-made philosophy, the creators aim to satisfy such demand, which has to date only found some relief in a few English spoken products. The choice of format is clearly deliberate. This first season tries to get the attention of the audience without too many media agents.

Apples brings us closer to the facts of a social group which is often ignored in the Spanish media market. The project is faithful to their reality thanks to the freedom with which it has been created. This serial is a totally independent product which has not sought the support of any studio or TV channel, and it is, therefore, also free from the limitations and restrictions that those may impose.

Behind Apples there is a group of professionals including the director (Alfonso Díaz) and a cast full of promising young actresses (Marta Villar, Saskia Guanche, Alicia Lobo, Teresa Hernando, Patricia Arizmendi, Gloria March and Karen Owens). Leading the crew , there are the creators and scriptwriters Olga Martí and Verónica Segoviano. They met at the scriptwriting institute of the FIA-UIMP University of Valencia, and soon they started to develop a number of joint projects.

Apples is available online since the beginning of September 2007.




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